Diagnostic tool for Rover, MG and Landrover cars

PC Operating System support

The pscan.eu software works on most currently-used PC operating systems running on 32-bit or 64-bit Intel processors.

ECU support

Click on the links to see a page about each ECU. For each one you will be able to see exactly what the tool can do, complete with screenshots.

Engine ECUs

MEMS1.6 tested on Mini SPI, Rover 220, Rover 220 turbo, and Rover 820 turbo

NB: This ECU usually uses a Rover 3 pin plug, which requires a special adaptor cable.

MEMS1.9 tested on Lotus Elise, MGF, Freelander 1

MEMS2J tested on Lotus Elise VVC, Rover 200 BRM and Mini

MEMS3 tested on Rover 45 petrol MG ZR, Rover 75, MGTF, LE500

EDC1.3.1 tested on Rover 620 diesel and Landrover 300TDI automatic

EDC15M tested on Rover 45 diesel and MG ZR

EDC15C4 tested on Rover 75, MG ZT diesel, Freelander 1 TD4

EMS2000 tested on MGZS180 KV6 and Freelander 1 KV6

Landrover TD5 tested on Landrover Defender and Discovery 2 TD5 diesel

Transmission ECUs

Jatco tested on Freelander 1 KV6 and Rover 75


ABS5.0/5.3 tested on Rover 45, MG ZR, MGF, MGTF, LE500

ABS5.7 tested on Rover 75 and MG ZT

Teves Mk25 tested on year 2002 Freelander 1

Airbag ECUs

Temic V1 tested on Rover 45 and early model 75 and MG ZT

AB Autoliv tested on late model Rover 75 and MG ZT

RC5EC5 tested on Mini and MGF

Siemens Airbag 1 tested on year 2002 Freelander 1

Alarm/immobiliser ECUs

5AS tested on MGF and Rover 45

Power steering ECUs

MGF EPAS tested on MGF


Service warning reset, Rover 75 / MG ZT